New Computer Setup


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Congrats! You just got a brand new computer, what to do next?

You could spend hours setting up the system, wrangling with settings and software, but here’s a far better solution: let easyTechCare and our team of skilled I.T. professionals give you a hand.

So what do we do for you?  When easyTechCare takes care of your New Computer Setup, we take the guesswork and hassle out of:

  • The sometimes complicated and time-consuming process of setting up a new computer
  • Getting rid of the pre-installed software you don’t need, which can slow down the system, add clutter and consume valuable hard drive space
  • Figuring out how to load the programs you know and love
  • Attaching a printer and other accessories.
  • Install critical software and operating system updates so your computer will have access to the latest features and security info
  • Go through the system settings and modify them in order to maximize performance

Please note: Hardware and parts are not included