Move Me To My New PC Combo

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Got yourself a new PC?  Let us set it up AND transfer all of your data and save $50 on our services!

New PC Setup

Congrats! You just got a brand new computer, what to do next?

You could spend hours setting up the system, wrangling with settings and software, but here’s a far better solution: let easyTechCare and our team of skilled I.T. professionals give you a hand.

So what do we do for you?  When easyTechCare takes care of your New Computer Setup, we take the guesswork and hassle out of:

  • The sometimes complicated and time-consuming process of setting up a new computer
  • Getting rid of the pre-installed software you don’t need, which can slow down the system, add clutter and consume valuable hard drive space
  • Figuring out how to load the programs you know and love
  • Attaching a printer and other accessories.
  • Install critical software and operating system updates so your computer will have access to the latest features and security info
  • Go through the system settings and modify them in order to maximize performance

Data Transfer

You’ve got important data on a computer, but you want to either back up those files or transfer them to a new device.  Sometimes this can be a nail-biting process leaving you wondering whether or not you just sent your important files to the digital ether without hope of return.

No worries!  We can make it easy.

We’ll take care of moving your precious files from one device to another, like backing up data to an external hard drive or transferring them from an old to a new computer

Please note: Hardware and parts are not included